DIY Foaming Hand/Body Wash

This recipe is very simple to make, my 7yr old can make it!

You get the benefits of pure essential oils along with the skin loving carrier oil (I love jojoba) plus you know what your family is putting on their skin and you know its safe for them!

I love that you can change up the oils in this to whatever you desire, today I made the OnGuard hand wash for the kids to keep the germs at bay, I made myself a lovely citrus trio of Wild orange, Grapefruit & tangerine, I also love Geranium & lavender. I used jojoba oil as my carrier as we tend to get dry hands & skin, you can use fractionated coconut oil or rosehip oil just to name a couple.

You can also add up to 30 drops of essential oils to this recipe, depends on your personal preference and how strong a scent you like it.


To make this recipe:

Fill your foaming pump bottle with 3/4 boiled/cooled water

Add about 100ml or close to the top of castile soap

Add a small amount around 10ml of your carrier oil

Then add your essential oils and gently shake.

You can find the foaming pump bottles and ingredients all on this site

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