DIY Washing Powder

This washing powder recipe was one of the first DIY products I made, I was looking for a product that wouldn't flair up my daughter's excema, she has super sensitive skin which reacts badly to store bought washing powder/liquid.

Once I made the switch to this powder, her skin cleared up and she wasn't itching all day long.

This is a thermomix recipe but you could easily adjust by buying soap flakes and then milling your salt in a blender, then stir it all in a large tub.

You can also add a cup or borax to help give it even more of a boost.

Play around with scents, I like

Lavender & Geranium (great for the skin)



On Guard ( great for stopping germs & bugs)

Lemon & Wild Orange

Lemongrass ( this is my favorite for adding to vinegar for the fabric softer)

You can also double this recipe easily to get a couple of months out of it.

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