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The Inspired Little Gift Book

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The Inspired Little Gift Book features 28 beautiful, non-toxic and easy-to-follow recipes, designed to inspire beautiful homemade gifts.

Recipe List

Rose Sugar Hand Exfoliant

Lemon and Rosemary Hand Exfoliant

Nourishing Nail Serum

Oaty Bath Tea

Earthy Layered Foot Soak

Nutty Mint Foot Scrub

Hand and Heel Whipped Overnight Treatment Cream

Botanical Facial Steam

Festive Sugar Facial Scrub

Facial Buff and Revitalising Mask

Mango Lip Polish

Whipped Strawberry Lip Butter

Eye Serum

Crystal Bath Melts

Simple Bath Salts

Charcoal Soap

Body Polish

Body Oil

Solid Moisturising Bars

Fragrant Body Powder


Whipped Shaving Cream

Aftershave Tonic

Beard Oil

Beeswax Gift Wrap

Clay Ornaments

Spiced Floral Medley