The Inspired Little Book

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The Inspired Little Book features over 35 beautiful, non-toxic and easy-to-follow homemade body care and natural cleaning recipes.


Coconut and Lime Scrub

Brown Sugar Face Scrub

Spiced Coffee Scrub

Spirulina and Bentonite Clay Face Mask

Green Tea and Rose Facial Toner

Apricot Kernel Facial Oil

Dry Powder Shampoo

Nourishing Hair Mask

Hair Wax/Beard Balm

Hand Sanitising Spray

Hand Sanitising Gel

Insect Repelling Spray


Post Sun Cooling Mist

Magnesium Oil

Simple Melt and Pour Soap

Foaming Body Wash

Fizzy Bath Drops

Detoxifying Bath Milk

Detoxifying Pit Paste

Deodorant Balm

Deodorant Spray

Whipped Body Cream

Lip Balm

Nighttime Face Lotion

Whipped Daytime Face Cream

Super Salve

Massage Oil

Regular Washing Powder

Liquid Laundry Detergent

Dishwashing Tablets

Window Spray

All-Purpose Spray cleaner

Linen Spray

Car Air Freshener

Toilet and Shower Cleaner

Cleaning Wipes

Natural Garden Pest Repellant

Suggestions and Variations Included:

Baby Nappy Cream

Face Wash, Acne Wash, Hand Wash

Fizzy Shower Drops

Sensitive Deodorant

Perfume Wax